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Red yellow green blue purple...Guaranteed to bring you a bright and cheerful day, full of all the colours of the rainbow.

Rainbow Hoop - MDPE

  • Tubing options – (*3 types to choose from)
    Great for kids or budget lightweight hoops.
    16mm width x 450mm / 600mm / 750mm / 900mm diameter.


    Heavier hard wearing hoops, great for beginners, bigger and heavier is easier.
    Can be made partially collapsible for postage / travel.
    25mm or 20 mm width tubing
    30inch - 40 inch – external diameter.
    Custom sizes available on request.


    Collapsible travel hoops. Responsive lightweight tubing for more advanced hoopers.
    We don't recommend fully collapsing the smallest diameter hoops, however you can partially collapse
    them for travel.
    20mm width
    30inch - 40inch - external diameter.
    Custom sizes available on request.

    Size guide
    Bigger heavier hoops move slower and are easier to hula hoop with around your waist and learn tricks with. You may prefer lighter or smaller hoops for hand hooping or twins tricks. As you advance you may prefer smaller and lighter hoops overall. Lightweight Witzigs are recommended for younger children as they are more affordable than Polypro but still lighter and less likely to bruise. The thinner width of tubing is also better for smaller hands.

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